Industry Accreditations & Enviro-friendly processes – Everest

Industry Accreditations & Enviro-friendly processes

How we add Value

Our focus is entirely value driven. And that means we focus on you and your business. But you should know a little about how we continually achieve that.

The go-to team

The Everest Packaging Group is not just about leadership. We foster lead thinking. At every level of operation our staff are empowered always to find a better way. Our management style and structure is flat. We engage more than we simply supervise, oversee or regulate. This is the energy and application we bring to your business.

Research and Development

From prototype design to end-product testing, Everest is fully in control of the process. The facilities that we put behind your packaging development are state-of-the-art. Ingenuity is turned into practical, workable solutions. The approach is hands-on, the result is robust.

Enviro-friendly Commitment

Everest is eco-smart. We harvest natural precipitation and draw on borehole water. Grey water is recycled. No hazardous waste is released into the environment. Half our electricity is solar. We also have back-up power supply. There is no power outage downtime. 100% of our paper by-product is recycled. Collectively, this helps to keep our cost margins as tight as possible.