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Varieties of fresh produce have specific requirements, from packing and stacking to cold chain delivery and display. Everest accommodates all fresh fruit and vegetable containers for optimal product protection and transfer. Whatever your processes, wherever your markets, let our team design the most cost-effective solution. From the table grapes of Upington to the citrus of the Lowveld, we have you covered. Let’s get you to market with resourcefulness and customisation that works for you. Everest is fully compliant with agricultural industry standards.


From fast service take-outs to freshly baked goods, canned goods to frozen packs, Everest has the knowledge and expertise to help you deliver on your brand. Solutions for poultry, meat and seafood packaging provide solid, reliable bulk transport, robustly designed to counter product purge in the delivery process. We understand the importance, not just of right-sizing a solution to scale and volume, but of also ensuring your product image and display conforms to expectation.


Typically, beverages require sturdier containment. Cost-effective wraparounds, carrier crates and tray mechanisms, whether self-locked or glued, manually or automatically assembled, are purpose-designed to your requirements. Bulk packing, palletising and branding is all factored into the solution.  


You may need protective packaging for furniture and white goods. Perhaps you’re after a bespoke design that presents your consumer goods and appliances with the appropriate image and brand equity. Everest works from the inside out, putting your product and market first. As much as a book is judged by its cover, you need your product presentation to look the part.


Solutions to this sector change as rapidly as it is growing. E-commerce demands an adaptable, multi-solution approach attuned to multi-basket purchasing. Everest has the agility to permutate and adapt. Our business is to ensure we keep ahead of yours.  


Simplifying the shelf solution, fighting for consumer eyeballs, finding that point of difference with cost-effective inventiveness. Fast moving consumer goods also require logistical precision. Everest understands the practicalities of delivering value. Displays talk. Gondola ends shout. Let’s make your product stand out.